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Trying the IX Intelligence Test

I have always had a knack for taking online assessment tests and quizzes like intelligence test or personality test during my free time. These help my brain somewhat unwind (because I know it is not a requirement for anything) and sharpen my knowledge simultaneously (depending on the kind of quiz or assessment). I know this may seem weird and questionable to some, but I do find brain exercises relaxing, especially if they’re just for fun.

What are online assessment tests? According to MeritTrac, an online assessment is an “evaluation of a person’s abilities, behaviors and/or characteristics”. Online assessments vary in form and content, but the most common ones cover skill assessment, communication assessment, cognitive assessment, behavioral assessment, etc. (MeritTrac Services, 2022). Some online tests are for fun and humor, like Buzzfeed quizzes. I enjoy those a lot.

One night, while scrolling through social media while waiting for sleep, I came across a sponsored post of Insight X-Ray in my newsfeed. So what is Insight X-Ray? Insight X-Ray is a platform that contains different quality assessment tests for employees, readers, students, or anyone keen on taking these things like me. It piqued my interest when I saw they already have several different assessment tests available – AP Economics, AP Human Biology, AP Human Geography, Certified Sport Security Professional, and Intelligence Test.

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In case you are wondering, here are what the assessment tests above are about, according to the Insight X-Ray website:

  1. AP Economics – Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, any other topics under the AP Economics subject for high school students
  1. AP Human Biology – Human anatomy, physiology, genetics, and the relationship between humans and the world
  1. AP Human Geography – Human populations, their cultures, and how they interact with each other and the environment
  1. Certified Sport Security Professional – topics for individuals seeking to become experts in the field of sport security
  1. Intelligence Test – assessment of one’s cognitive abilities in various areas such as spatial orientation, analytical reasoning, pattern recognition, abstract reasoning, and visual perception

The first four assessment tests are bundled with study materials for the subject, which makes it even more enticing to look into. The learner will be able to gauge his knowledge of the subject matter and review specific topics that he may have missed or have difficulty in. The assessment tests cost $10.99 a piece. You’ll definitely get a bang for your buck with this investment.

Since it’s already late at night and I wanted to do some light brain exercises, I chose to try the Intelligence Test. The test consists of 5 questionnaires with multiple choice questions, and there is an allotted 20 minutes for each questionnaire. That’s not so bad. What a perfect way to end the day by being chill yet still productive, right?

I maximized the allotted time for each questionnaire and just had fun while taking the intelligence test. I got a result of 107, which is within the average IQ range. So, I really enjoyed this because it’s straightforward, and the difficulty level is just right. My favorite categories are visual perception and pattern recognition. I am visual and have a keen eye for detail, so I love working on those topics.

Each question in the intelligence test reflects the precision and expertise of the creator on the topic. These are some of the things that draw me to Insight X-Ray – comprehensive and detailed content. As a learner, I want to be able to review and learn all the necessary topics for an exam, but at the same time, it will not cause me information overload, especially during crunch time.

If you are planning to take a test in AP Economics, AP Human Biology, AP Human Geography, or Certified Sport Security Professional, I highly recommend that you invest in the review materials in Insight X-Ray. With the excellent quality of their material, you will be able to thoroughly prepare and ace your test.

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Test-taking Tips That You Can Try

Prepare Ahead of Time

Before taking an online assessment test or quiz, it is essential to review the course materials or content being tested. Preparing ahead of time will help you feel more confident and ready to tackle the questions.

Familiarize Yourself with the Test Format

Understanding the test format and structure is crucial to ensure that you can allocate your time effectively and maximize your score. Check if there is a time limit and if you can go back to previous questions.

Read the Instructions Carefully

It is essential to read the instructions carefully to ensure that you understand what is required of you. If there is a specific format or structure required for your responses, make sure you follow the instructions closely.

Avoid Distractions

Before taking an online assessment test or quiz, make sure you are in a quiet environment that is free from distractions. Turn off your phone, close other tabs, and avoid any interruptions during the test.

Manage Your Time

Managing your time is essential when taking online assessment tests or quizzes. Use your time wisely, and don’t spend too much time on a single question. If you don’t know the answer, move on to the next question and come back to it later if possible.


Practice makes perfect, and taking online quizzes or practice tests can help you familiarize yourself with the test format and questions. Some online assessment test providers offer practice tests to help individuals prepare for their actual assessments.

Seek Help

If you encounter any issues or difficulties during the online assessment test or quiz, seek help from the instructor or test administrator. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if you are unsure of a question or instruction.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest the Night Before Your Test

Being well-rested will help your mind function properly so you will be able to focus on your test.

Make Sure that You have a Stable Internet Connection and Power Source

Power and connection interruptions may happen during unexpected times. Double-check your internet connection before taking the test. Keep a backup power source just in case.

Treat Yourself After You Finish the Test

Give yourself time to breathe and unwind. You deserve a little treat after working so hard in preparation for your test.

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