Our assessment creation procedure is relatively simple. All you need to do is follow these few simple steps, and you will be provided with a detail-oriented assessment curated to your needs:

Assessment Creation

You can create unique and detailed tests with a click. We offer various flexible options so you can create comprehensive and visually appealing assessments for your respondents.

With our assessment creation service, you can create any kind of assessment without needing prior approval simply by choosing a thorough plan. After choosing your preferred plan, you can pull up a custom assessment creator and glide through the smooth process.

In our assessment plans, you can choose from a wide array of flexible options, including text, multiple-choice, image, and so on. With Insight X-Ray’s full-scale assessment plans, creators can enjoy various tools, fuss-free procedures, and development solutions that enhance and promote your business’s growth.

Respondent Payment Feature

We offer a quick and guaranteed respondent payment feature to ensure you and your assessments get their value’s worth.

It can be bothersome to go through the effort of making a detailed assessment only to encounter difficulties with respondent payment. Insight X-ray lets you access your payment instantly so you won’t have to worry about it.

Subscription Feature

Our simple and effective subscription feature reduces the hassle of repeatedly adding links to your work through troublesome pop-ups.

With this subscription feature, you can garner maximum traffic with simply a few mouse clicks.

Quick Upload Feature

Maximize efficiency and minimize time used through a quick upload feature, allowing you to upload your content without additional hurdles.

While other platforms require you to go through several stages just to upload one assessment, our website calls for a smooth process—simply create an assessment and enable the quick upload feature to gather results swiftly.

Paid/ Premium Options

Choose from a variety of flexible plans with special paid/ premium options.

With Insight X-Ray, creators can enjoy exclusive and premium services that make their assessment creation process exciting and enjoyable. Because of these services, creators can now navigate through a custom plan which intricately matches every edge of their work.

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