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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I be a Creator? 

To become an IX Creator, you need to click “Try IX for Business.” Click “Join for Free” to create an account and choose your subscription plan. 

Note: After successfully creating an account, you can start creating your own assessment or questionnaire but this will not be published immediately. The IX Team will evaluate the assessment if it follows the IX Guidelines for Test Creators. 

2. What are the IX Guidelines for Creator? 

Every Creator in IX must follow the guidelines written here. The IX Guidelines contain the general requirement in creating a standard assessment or questionnaire. 

3. What is the Creator’s dashboard? 

The Creator’s dashboard is where the Creators will find ALL of the features IX offers. This is where they will create assessments and questionnaires. Basically, this is where all the work will happen. 

4. Where should I start using the Creator’s dashboard? 

It depends on the target product you want to sell. If you are aiming to create bite-size fun quizzes, you may first need to go to the “questionnaires” in the dashboard. But if it is a battery of quizzes, you can go to assessments. 

5. How do the challenge exams work?  

Challenge exams feature an added interaction for learners. When they successfully complete the challenge, they can advance to the next level or finish the whole assessment. 

6. Can I download a study or assessment document? 

You can’t download any assessment or study documents.

7. Can the Creator be the group administrator? 

No, the Creator needs to delegate this task as a group administrator. 

8. Why can’t I access quiz import/export?  

Only the admin can access this import/export feature. If you have bulk questions to upload, you will need to contact us. 

1. How do I take assessments? 

You can take assessments via a link sent to you by the Creator or by simply purchasing it through the website’s page. 

2. Can I skip questions? 

It depends on the Creator. If the Creator designed it in a way that does not allow us to skip questions, learners wouldn’t be able to skip questions. 

3. Can I save my progress? 

You can see the progress, and you can still go back to where you stopped when you got disconnected. 

4. Do I have unlimited access to the study documents and/or assessments? 

You may have access to it for six months or depending on the Creator’s terms per assessment. 

5. Where can I see the right answer? 

You can see the right answer after taking the whole test, or if the Creator allows it, you can see the answer after answering each question. 

6. How do I add assessments or questionnaires to my Learner’s Dashboard?

You can go to the homepage, browse the assessment below and click the button to purchase another assessment. 

1. As a learner, can I refund my payments? 

The learners can refund payments if the customer purchased the wrong item or input the wrong address.

2. Do I need to pay before taking the assessment? 

Yes, for the paid assessment, you need to pay before taking one. 

3. What if my payment fails? What can I do? 

Please contact us at

4. What payment method do you accept? 

We accept credit cards and stripes as payment gateway.

5. What are the different subscription plans Insight X-Ray offers for Creators? 

IX offers different plans to cater to your needs. We have Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans to create and publish your work. Bronze works best for startups and individuals/entrepreneurs. Silver for small to medium businesses. Gold unlocks the website’s best features and is best for medium to large enterprises. 

6. Is there a subscription plan for Learners? 

No, only a one-time payment on every assessment/course they purchase. 

1. Why use Insight X-Ray? 

Insight X-Ray offers quality assessment for the public. And for those who create assessments, this is an affordable savior for content creators, self-published authors, and entrepreneurs hoping to turn their luck. Insight X-Ray offers a chance to generate revenue through assessments, combines contemporary innovation with traditional respect for hard work, and gives you the ideal platform.

2. What kind of content does Insight X-Ray offer?

Insight X-Ray offers assessments for employees, readers, students, or simply people who want to take an assessment to know their IQ, personality, etc.

3. Can I be both a Creator and a Learner? 

Yes, you can be both a creator and a learner. 

4. How can Insight X-Ray help my business? 

Insight X-Ray helps self-published authors promote their books, assessment creators monetize their assessments, and business owners create assessments that gather their consumer’s pulse or assess their employees. 

5. How can I change my password and email? 

You can change the details by logging in to your account. Go to the top right side of the website, then click “My Account.” Below your name, click “edit profile” and edit the details you want to change. 

6. Can I delete my account? 

You can’t delete your account. But you can request account deletion through our email

1. What is the Insight X-Ray privacy policy? 

You can refer here to know further details about this website’s privacy policy. 

1. What are the qualifications for being a Creator? 

There are no specific qualifications to be a Creator of IX but there are “qualifications” for your assessment to be published. IX offers guidelines for Creators in creating their assessments.

You can view the guidelines here.  

2. What does a Creator do? 

A creator is someone who creates an assessment and questionnaires. And will let the learners take the assessment he/she created.