With a well-thought-out and diverse platform, you are guaranteed a top-notch service that will never disappoint. Here are all the services that we provide to our valued customers:

Visit Insight X-Ray

Go through our website. You may notice two home pages—which one you go to will depend on your purpose. The Try IX for Business button takes you to a homepage where you can access all Creator plans. Here, you can create an account as a Creator and subscribe to a plan that will suit your needs.

Purchase a Plan

On the Creator’s homepage, scroll through different and unique detailed assessment plans. Choose from a limitless array of plans that offer accessible and conveniently designed assessment layouts.

We offer plans for paid, free, and dual assessments. As for the assessments, the learners can answer those assessments that are for free and will not be able to access those assessments that require payment. It depends on the Assessment Creator if the assessment will be free or paid.

Create an Account

Once you are satisfied with a plan, create a custom and secure account by filling out a form with the necessary details.

Create Assessment

After these preliminary steps, you are free to create your assessments anytime in any place. After you’ve already selected a plan and create an assessment, IX will assess the assessment/s you’ve created to make sure that the Creator follows the guidelines. 

Creators can control who views and responds to their assessments. This can be done by manually assigning an assessment to the desired respondent(s) and emailing the respondent(s) the link to the assessment.

Upload of Assessment and Assignment to Respondent

Upload your assessments through our quick upload feature and assign them to your respondents without additional checks – a quick, easy, and effective method to gain maximum results.

Generate Report

When your respondents are done filling out the assessment and submitting it, the results are automatically compiled and organized, then sent back to your account. Afterward, a detailed, error-free report will be generated automatically.

For respondents, no fee is required. However, if a respondent takes a paid assessment, they’ll pay to view the full report. This is entirely up to the respondent, and they may choose a basic report free of cost.