The Wisest Learner Assessment Tool (V.2)

The Wisest Learners Assessment Tool™ (WLAT) is a self-evaluation tool developed to assess and evaluate motivational inclinations and various learning methods in high school and college students. The theoretical foundations of WLAT stem from a comprehensive cognitive understanding of motivation and learning approaches(see Pintrich, 1991).

The WLAT is divided into two major components: a motivation segment and a learning strategies segment. With 28 items, the motivation part evaluates students’ objectives and value beliefs for learning, their faith in their abilities to achieve in the learning process, and their apprehensions about examinations and test-taking. On the other hand, the learning strategy section, consisting of 51 items, assesses the diverse cognitive and metacognitive strategies students employ.

Each of the fifteen WLAT scales can be utilized individually or in conjunction. These scales are modularly designed to meet the requirements of individual students or school administration. It is intended to be administered during class and usually takes about 30 minutes.

The development of WLAT has been ongoing since 2019. The foundation of the questionnaire is based on many years of teaching at the Victory Christian International School, and these prototypes underwent rigorous statistical and psychometric analyses and are based on a simulation of 10000 students’ performance.