Intelligence Test

Intelligence Test Under Pilot Testing

Please be informed that the Intelligence Test is currently under pilot testing, which means that we are still in the process of evaluating and refining the test. As such, your participation is invaluable in helping us improve the test.

Welcome to the Intelligence Test! This test is designed to assess your cognitive abilities in various areas such as spatial orientation, analytical reasoning, pattern recognition, abstract reasoning, and visual perception. The test consists of 5 questionnaires, and each questionnaire has multiple choice questions.


  1. You will have 20 minutes per questionnaires.
  2. Each questionnaire will have a different number of questions.
  3. Read each question carefully and select the best answer from the options provided.
  4. Only one answer is correct for each question.
  5. There is no penalty for guessing, so if you are unsure, make your best guess.
  6. Do not spend too much time on any single question. If you are unsure of an answer, move on to the next question.
  7. Keep track of your progress and ensure that you have enough time to complete all the questions.
  8. After completing all the questionnaires, submit your answers.
  9. Your test results will be evaluated and displayed to you after submission.