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1. Create an account

  • To create an assessment, you need to create an account first.
  • Register with your information, and verify your account.

2. Log into your account

  • Enter your log-in details, and you’ll be directed to the creator’s dashboard for assessment creators.

3. Create Assessment

  • From the dashboard’s main menu, click on “Assessments.”
  • On the far right, click on the “Add New” button to create a new assessment.
  • In creating the assessment, there are three sections to successfully create one.
    1. First the assessment page, this is where you put the name of the  assessment and its short description. You can modify the assessment visibility, category, tags and featured image. 
    2. Second is the builder, this where you will add questions or quizzes on your assessment. 
    3. Third is the settings, this is where you will specify the assessment access, display and content options, assessment navigation, users, and the assessment course grid settings where you will input the duration of the assessment.
  • Choose the best option for assessment visibility.
    • Private: Only invited candidates can assess the online assessment
    • Public: Open to all the respondents. Anyone can see and fill out the assessments

4. Add Questions

  • In creating an assessment, you can start by adding questions first then add it to the questionnaire. You can do this by clicking the “Questions” in the dashboard. In the far right corner, click “add new” to add questions. As you add new questions, you will need to put a title on the question (e.g., Item 1). Settings will allow you to maneuver the questions. 
  • The Questions page will also serve as the question bank for the creators. You can add these questions to a questionnaire and the questionnaire to an assessment.
  • If you want to create custom questions, choose the question type, and you’ll be directed to the page where you can add as many questions as you want.

5. Preview Assessment

  • Preview your questionnaire and assessment through clicking “Preview” in the right corner of the questionnaire or assessment page.