The Wisest Learners Assessment Tool

The Wisest Learners Assessment Tool™ (WLAT) is a self-evaluation tool developed to gauge themotivational proclivities and the variety of learning methodshigh-school and college studentsemployin their academic courses. The theoretical foundations of WLAT stem from acomprehensive cognitive understanding of motivation and learning approaches. Various papersdiscuss these theoretical underpinnings, including those byPintrich, 1991.

The WLAT isdivided into two major components: a motivation segment and a learning strategiessegment.With28items, the motivation partevaluates students’ objectives and value beliefs forlearning, their faith in their abilities to achieve inthe learning process,and their apprehensionsabout examinationsand test-taking. On the other hand, the learning strategy section, consisting of51items, assesses the diverse cognitive and metacognitive strategies students employ.